Stepping it Up

As part of our mission here at Lifehouse to increase the quality of life for our residents, we aim to integrate health and wellness living skills in our programs. On June 4th, with the help of Filice Insurance as our sponsor, we launched the pilot run of a new Resident Wellness Program. Equipped with Fitbit trackers, four Lifehouse residents, Bomun, Anne, Patti and Kasie, embarked on an eight week wellness challenge. Badges could be earned every week for walking 1,000 - 10,000 steps in a day as well as walking 3,000 steps or more for multiple days in a row. Each resident sets individualized goals for themselves. Anne was determined to hit 4,000 steps a day, and Bomun was determined to increase the length of his daily hikes each week. As a whole, each of the residents were inspired to lead more well balanced and healthy lifestyles. In the end, Kasie came out victorious by logging 190,489 steps and earning 43 badges! Go Kasie!

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Life(house) with Katie

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Meet Katie- She has been with Lifehouse since 2006. She started out at the Corte Madera house and has since moved to the Montecillo house in the Independent Living Service (ILS) program. She is a lover of music, art and animals.    

As a part of her goals in the ILS program, Katie volunteers one day a week at the Ben & Biscuits of Marin to stay motivated and active. Helping take care of the pups here is a great way for her to practice organizational skills and caring for her own pet. Katie’s favorite furry companion is a cat named Lily. She adopted her from the Pet Cottage in San Anselmo.

Art is a natural medium for Katie to express herself. She is constantly streaming music via Spotify to fuel her creative side when she is working on her art at San Anselmo’s Cedars Fine Art Studio. Katie has an extensive  artistic style, meticulously creating modern geometric works as well as pieces inspired by animals and nature. Her fascination for marine life often reveals itself in her paintings in the form a dolphin. Katie says the dolphin is her spirit animal and even got to swim with them once on a trip to Mexico with her family.

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Please join us in celebrating the recent promotions of Kate O Connor, Michelle Condit, Claudia Silvia, and Lisa Ann Carbone. We look forward to seeing what their wealth of experience will bring to the continued success and growth of programs supporting Lifehouse residents. Your dedication, energy, and enthusiasm is an inspiration to us all. Congratulations!

Co- Director of Programs & Operations 

Co-Director of Programs & Operations

Senior Manager

Senior Manager 

Life (house) with Amy


Meet Amy- she’s one of those people that just sparkles. Her warm smile and upbeat personality are contagious, which makes her a well-known fixture in the Lifehouse community.

Amy has been a Lifehouse resident for nine years in the Independent Living Service (ILS) Program and lives at Laurel House. Like many of our Lifehouse residents, Amy enjoys the independence that the program gives her. Amy says that Lifehouse has helped her grow both personally and within the community. She regularly walks on her own to the library and is able to independently schedule all her rides with the Whistlestop ride service.

Many of Amy’s interests include singing, dancing, drawing and hanging out with friends. Amy spends four days a week at the Alchemia day program. Here, she uses that infamous sparkle on Mondays and Wednesdays in her musical theater class. In these workshops, members work together to develop original musical productions for audiences, focusing on issues relevant to their families and the community. Her favorite performance to date is a twist on a classic, “All That Jazz”.

Additionally, Amy is a creative soul and enjoys the Visual Arts Program at Alchemia. She takes inspiration from the planned art adventures to museums and art galleries throughout the Bay Area. Like any true artist, Amy takes the time to hone her skills and attends weekly lessons at Hamilton Field Art Studios in Novato. One of her favorite subjects to draw is animals—a diverse collection of creatures fills her sketchbooks.

Amy’s love for animals is a continuous thread throughout her life. She has set a long-term goal of having her own pet to care for someday. In the meantime, she volunteers as a dog walker every Tuesday for Jessica’s Haven and Rescue. This allows her to stay active and interact with her favorite pooch, Stormy the Chihuahua.

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Home for a Lifetime


Since 1954, Lifehouse has opened the doors of opportunity and independence to individuals with developmental disabilities through life-skills training, community integration, and advocacy. We could not be more proud of the progress of the people we support and the satisfaction it has brought to them and their families, especially the many beneficial effects of their integration into our community. We invite you to join the celebration of Legacy Week! You can follow along here or check us out on Instagram or Facebook.

Please help us continue to provide high quality services to people with developmental disabilities in the Bay Area.

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A note from our CEO

Dear Friends,
One of the fundamental values on which Lifehouse was
founded was to create a sense of belonging in our community. The parents who founded this organization 64 years ago were pioneers. The options for people with disabilities at that time were to live at home or in large, state-run institutions. Our founders’ vision came directly from their hearts and dreams for their sons and daughters to be accepted and to find their place
in our community.
Lifehouse has become a national model for supported and
independent living, providing services to over 300 individuals with developmental disabilities. What will Lifehouse look like in the future? Only time will tell! I do know Lifehouse will continue to evolve and respond to the needs in our community.
Please join me in our mission of providing that place and that opportunity to be a valued member of our community.
Warmest Regards,
Nancy Dow Moody
President & CEO