Stepping it Up

As part of our mission here at Lifehouse to increase the quality of life for our residents, we aim to integrate health and wellness living skills in our programs. On June 4th, with the help of Filice Insurance as our sponsor, we launched the pilot run of a new Resident Wellness Program. Equipped with Fitbit trackers, four Lifehouse residents, Bomun, Anne, Patti and Kasie, embarked on an eight week wellness challenge. Badges could be earned every week for walking 1,000 - 10,000 steps in a day as well as walking 3,000 steps or more for multiple days in a row. Each resident sets individualized goals for themselves. Anne was determined to hit 4,000 steps a day, and Bomun was determined to increase the length of his daily hikes each week. As a whole, each of the residents were inspired to lead more well balanced and healthy lifestyles. In the end, Kasie came out victorious by logging 190,489 steps and earning 43 badges! Go Kasie!

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