A Full Life

Meet Sallie

Sallie has called Lifehouse home for eight years and is in the Supported Living Program (SLP). This program is perfect for her since it gives her the tools and life skills she needs to be as independent as possible.  

Sallie is full of life and loves goofing around and making people laugh. Her favorite person to get a smile out of is her boyfriend Mark. They have been together for eight years. Some of her hobbies include hiking, going to the beach, and playing table tennis. She is a total shark on the court, and she was in the winner’s circle at her most recent tournament!

When Sallie isn’t palling around with friends, she is hard at work. With the support of the local non-profit, People with Disabilities Succeeding (PDS), Sallie works two jobs. The PDS Integrated Work and Community Inclusion Program helps her maintain her job at Woodlands Market for the past 11 years, as well as a position as a crossing guard during the school year for the past seven years. She takes great pride in her work, and loves the opportunity to be out and about in her community.

Sallie has lots of goals for her life, including to live more independently and be less reliant on others by practicing the life skills she has learned from Lifehouse. She also wants people to see that she has a warm heart and a good mind. Her message to the community is that people should accept individuals with developmental disabilities and welcome them into their lives.

Mighty Expectations

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“We are all the same, regardless of our challenges because we all have them.”

– Lidia Que-Macedo, Parent

In August of 2018, after 65 years of service Lifehouse has come full circle by opening Great Expectations Inclusive Preschool. The preschool is a collaboration between Lifehouse, the Marin County Office of Education and Dominican University and is the first of its kind in Marin.

Here in a short film; filmmaker Chikara Motomura captures the young minds of Great Expectations students playing and learning together regardless of their differences. The benefits of this inclusive program can be seen through the compassion, creativity, and a healthy sense of curiosity that these young children of all abilities are developing. 

To learn more about Great Expectations Inclusive Preschool please visit .

A Season of Gratitude

Dear friends of Lifehouse,

Three hundred people with developmental disabilities call Lifehouse home. Many benefit from day services from other agencies throughout the Bay Area.

In the spirit of the holiday, we want to show our gratitude by acknowledging those agencies for the fine programs they provide to Lifehouse residents. Thank you for your collaboration in providing services to individuals with developmental disabilities in our community.

With Gratitude,

Nancy Dow Moody

President & CEO

And the Award goes to...

Last night at the Lifehouse 2018 Awards Banquet we hosted the outstanding businesses, individuals, and employees that make up the foundation of Lifehouse and our success. The room was filled with inspiration and gratitude as we celebrated these incredible honorees. We are so grateful for your support!

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A special THANK YOU to our sponsors!


Recycling with Sophia

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Meet Sophia- She is new to Lifehouse and is on a mission to recycle. As a part of Sophia’s specialized day program she is collecting recycling from the Lifehouse office and houses to raise money. With the proceeds, she and her roommates at Wilson House plan to have pizza parties, dinner outings or other fun activities.

Sofia enjoys recycling every step of the way, from carrying the bags, to going to the bank to cash the checks. This program is truly fulfilling for Sophia because it allows her to be active in the community. Her mission is to encourage everyone to help the environment by recycling.

Do you live in the Lifehouse community? Sophia would like to help you recycle too! She will bring a blue container to your house, and pick up the plastic recycling every other week. Once she has processed the a good amount of recycling recycled items, she will deliver the profits back to you.

Please let Olivia Vain, know if you would like to participate. Thank you for helping save the earth.

Life (house) with Teodros


Meet Teodros- He has been a Lifehouse resident for the last six years and currently lives at Laurel House group home. Teodros’ polite temperament and genuine personality makes him delightful to chat with and be around. Like all of our Lifehouse residents in the Independent Living Service (ILS) program, Teodros sets goals for him to live as independently as possible and receives guidance from our expertly trained direct service professionals who help execute his plan to reach them.

Teodros’ current goals are becoming more organized and disciplined in recording and managing his appointments and weekly schedule, budgeting and saving money, and learning kitchen safety and to cook on his own. With sharpening these skills, Teodros hopes to find a job or volunteer position and to be able to move on to an even more independent living situation with less staff support.

In his free time, Teodros enjoys getting out and about in the community. He speaks fondly of spending time with Lifehouse resident Chloe. Together, they venture to the movies and museums. They also share a love for music and dance. You can see them showing off their dance skills at the annual Great Chefs and Wineries resident performance!

Are you interested in art, travel or Sci-fi? Then you and Teodros will get along just fine. He has an extensive and dynamic book collection that can take you on many adventures, from the Amazon rainforest to the fantasy world and chronicles of The Hobbit. His most prized of them all is H.G. Wells’ Time Machine.

Teodros’ enthusiasm for Sci-fi animation and cartoons have led him to take animation classes at Alchemia day program once a week. For the rest of the week, he attends the Autisry Studios program, which is geared towards facilitating learning experiences in education, vocation, and physical fitness. Particularly, this program supports Teodros in taking courses at College of Marin. He completed a math course just this last semester.

At Lifehouse, it is believed that the combined efforts of day and supported living programs can help individuals, such as Teodros, live inspired, purposeful and independent lives.


Life (house) with Amy


Meet Amy- she’s one of those people that just sparkles. Her warm smile and upbeat personality are contagious, which makes her a well-known fixture in the Lifehouse community.

Amy has been a Lifehouse resident for nine years in the Independent Living Service (ILS) Program and lives at Laurel House. Like many of our Lifehouse residents, Amy enjoys the independence that the program gives her. Amy says that Lifehouse has helped her grow both personally and within the community. She regularly walks on her own to the library and is able to independently schedule all her rides with the Whistlestop ride service.

Many of Amy’s interests include singing, dancing, drawing and hanging out with friends. Amy spends four days a week at the Alchemia day program. Here, she uses that infamous sparkle on Mondays and Wednesdays in her musical theater class. In these workshops, members work together to develop original musical productions for audiences, focusing on issues relevant to their families and the community. Her favorite performance to date is a twist on a classic, “All That Jazz”.

Additionally, Amy is a creative soul and enjoys the Visual Arts Program at Alchemia. She takes inspiration from the planned art adventures to museums and art galleries throughout the Bay Area. Like any true artist, Amy takes the time to hone her skills and attends weekly lessons at Hamilton Field Art Studios in Novato. One of her favorite subjects to draw is animals—a diverse collection of creatures fills her sketchbooks.

Amy’s love for animals is a continuous thread throughout her life. She has set a long-term goal of having her own pet to care for someday. In the meantime, she volunteers as a dog walker every Tuesday for Jessica’s Haven and Rescue. This allows her to stay active and interact with her favorite pooch, Stormy the Chihuahua.

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Great Expectations



NEW Preschool in Marin County! 

Dear Lifehouse Community,

We are excited about partnering with Marin County Office of Education and Dominican University to bring the first Inclusive Preschool to Marin County. Great Expectations opens this Fall. 

Your Child's Benefits in an Inclusive Preschool

  • Increase self-esteem, maturity, confidence, autonomy and leadership skills
  • Develop more sophisticated and improved interpersonal intelligence
  • Adopt new abilities, attitude and values related to differences
  • Acquire a positive sentiment of inclusion at an early age

If you are a parent or know someone with a preschool-age child interested in enrolling in Great Expectations, please contact Kate O'Connor.

(415) 526-5307

Warmest Regards,

Nancy Dow Moody, President & CEO


A Marin County Collaborative: Lifehouse, MCOE & Dominican University

Pending License #21400544

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Let's learn and play together to foster compassion, diversity, and leadership in young children. 
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Preschool Hours

8:45AM- 12:45PM

Extended Hours 

7:30AM- 6:00PM

850 Del Ganado Road

San Rafael, CA 94903