Preview of 17th Annual RCP Tiburon Mile

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Coming up on Sunday,

August 19th!




by Peter Maync and Rand Crook

(Article originally published in the Belvedere-Tiburon Magazine)

It is said that deer were known to cross the waterway between Tiburon and Angel Island, but I never believed it. Yet humans do it every year, with and without wet suits!

9:00 am Sunday August 19, Angel Island. Months of training have come to this. Crowds will gather, on shore and in boats and kayaks, to witness approximately 800 swimmers, donning speedos or wet suits, aged 6 to 82, dive into the choppy, frigid waters of the San Francisco Bay, hoping to win this one-mile nautical race across the Raccoon Straight to Tiburon’s Sam’s Anchor Cafe. The shotgun will be raised, in great anticipation, signaling the start, featuring some of the top international open water swimmers, national, Olympic and Special Olympic champions, including US Open Water National Champion, Dave Heron; 2016 Olympic Open Water Gold Medalist from the Netherlands, Ferry Weertman; and the Italian Open Water National Swim Team. But entire families and University swim teams will also compete for the 17th year in this annual event, the world’s premier open water swim, that has raised over $1.5 million for charity since 1999. RCP Tiburon Mile Founder, Bob Placak, is a former elite swimmer himself and the owner and President of Robert C. Placak & Associates Insurance Services. He says, proudly, standing elbow to elbow beside his son, wife and entire family, racing with them, ranks among his favorite life moments.

Bob’s goals are three-fold: perpetuate a world-class international open water swimming competition, donate 100% of its proceeds to charity, and local, community-building. Besides our annual Classic Car Show, there is nothing else quite like the RCP Tiburon Mile Swim. So, register at as a swimmer, or for nearly 200 volunteer opportunities, including body-markers, registrars, and kayak and boat monitors.

This year’s swim event is in support of Lifehouse, a non-profit which, since 1954, has served people with developmental disabilities. Nancy Moody, Lifehouse President and C.E.O., is pleased to work with Bob and this wonderful event. (Please see annexed sideboard).

A long-time supporter of the RCP Tiburon Mile Swim is Bill Price, who has four-times won the Mayor’s Cup, awarded for the fastest time from start to finish by a Belvedere or Tiburon resident, and who has done so much for this major event.

Robert Placak & Nancy Dow Moody with RCP Tiburon Open Mile Swim Trophy (Photo by  Renee Maync) 

Robert Placak & Nancy Dow Moody with RCP Tiburon Open Mile Swim Trophy (Photo by  Renee Maync) 


Understanding & Acceptance 

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a pervasive early developmental disorder that strongly impacts how an individual socially engages with his or her world. Autism is a spectrum, so there is a range in social abilities within ASD. 


What are some Symptoms related to Autism Spectrum Disorder?


  • Blunted reaction to emotional events

  • Difficulty understanding the intentions of others

  • Poor eye contact 

  • Anxiety

  • Developmental delay in speech and language understanding 

  •  Persistent repetition of words or actions

  • Intense interest in a limited number of things or problems paying attention

Did you know...

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), almost half (about 44%) of children identified with ASD  has an above average intellectual ability.

Economic Costs of Autism on Families

The financial costs per year in 2011for children with ASD in the Untied States were estimated to be between $11.5 billion - $60.9 billion. In addition to medical costs, intensive behavioral interventions for children with ASD can cost in the upwards of  $40,000 to $60,000 per child per year.  

Seven Ways to Help Your Nonverbal Child Speak

by Autism Speaks

  1. Encourage play and social interaction
  2. Imitate your child
  3. Focus on nonverbal communication
  4. Leave “space” for your child to talk
  5. Simplify your language
  6. Follow your child’s interests
  7. Consider assistive devices and visual supports

Do you need to find a service provider for someone with ASD? 

The Marin Autism Collaborative can help! The Marin Autism Collaborative (MAC) aims to identify the current services in ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) in Marin County and the current gaps in services to families, professionals and consumers with ASD. 

today you can help bring understanding and acceptance to autism
by wearing blue #lighitupblue