A Swimming Success

On behalf of all of us at Lifehouse, Thank You for making the RCP Tiburon Mile a huge success! 

It was an honor to be chosen as this year’s benefiting charity, and given the opportunity to promote Lifehouse and the services we provide. We were able to fundraise almost $30,000, which will directly provide services to Lifehouse residents. 

We applaud all of the swimmers who braved the open water. Congratulations to elite Swimmers Ashley Twichell and Ferry Weertman for winning the female and male categories respectively. A special Thank you goes to the swimmers who represented Team Lifehouse. 


Last, but certainly not least Thank You to our sponsors. We are overwhelmed with gratitude by your generosity. 


Respecting the Bean

At Red Whale Coffee, coffee is serious business.  They seek to create high quality coffee beans for all to enjoy. Relationships with communities from Indonesia, Mexico, South America, and Africa allow them to develop a uniquely diverse cup of coffee. Although their network is vast, their roots originate in California.

Owner and Chief Coffee Geek, Sean Boyd, comes from a long line of Boyds that have been at the forefront of premium and specialty commodities. At a young age, he spent time growing and distributing exceptional produce to restaurants across Southern California. Sean’s relationship with cuisine evolved throughout the multitude of successful bistros and bars that were founded by his father.

Sean has been working with coffee since 2003. After being captivated by his first taste of premium coffee, he has become an expert. From master courses in roasting to honing his palate as a licensed Q Grader, Sean quickly accumulated copious accolades and certifications form the Specialty Coffee Association of America and now shares his expertise here in San Rafael.

At Great Chefs and Wineries you can enjoy, and maybe even learn something new, at Red Whale Coffee’s full espresso and coffee bar.

Click below to enjoy a ‘Cup of Joe.’

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