Life(house) with Lily

Lily Cedars Profile.png

Meet Lily. She has been with Lifehouse since she was 21 years old and loves the opportunities that Lifehouse brings to her. Through the Supported Living Program (SLP) and with the help of her counselor, Tina, Lily is able to live independently, in her own apartment.

Counselors like Tina provide personalized support and training to enable those served by Lifehouse to live as independently as possible. This includes helping each individual budget finances, pinpoint abilities that will help them find jobs, cooking and managing a healthy diet, coordinating activities with friends and using the Whistlestop transportation system to get around in their community.  

Lily’s favorite part about Lifehouse is the annual trips. Each year she saves her money in anticipation of the next great adventure. These trips allow for her to enjoy new experiences and explore the world outside of her everyday life. Lily’s favorite trip is Disneyland, but cruises to Catalina Island and Mexico are a close second.

Lily is known for her vibrant and friendly personality. This has brought her much success as a Courtesy Clerk at Safeway, for the last 25 years. But when she isn’t working, she loves to spend time at Cedars Fine Art Studios, in San Anselmo. Here, she is able to focus on her art hobby. Lily says that she is inspired by the feeling of looking at the stars. She strives to make the colors in her work create that beautiful glow we all see at night.