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We believe everyone should have the opportunity to live as independently as possible and to participate fully in our community for a lifetime. Lifehouse currently provides personalized support services to over 250 individuals with developmental disabilities in Marin and Sonoma Counties.

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Introducing “LIfehouse” A New Documentary Film

Coinciding with this year’s 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), this film offers unique access into the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities, their families and the people who support their independent living. The film explores many difficult questions they and their families must grapple with, while underscoring that, despite their disabilities, these people possess a vast range of emotional, intellectual, and artistic abilities.

Filmmakers spent over two years gaining access and insight into this population. Their approach is best captured by a father who asks, “How do you get people to relate to people just as humans, just as people? Not as a political group that needs to be supported.

This film was produced by Lifehouse in collaboration with independent film producer, PotentialSF.



Lifehouse Joins Marin Ventures and Cedars at Sacramento Demonstration
On September 3, over 30 people from Lifehouse joined other organizations from Marin and around the state in Sacramento to demonstrate for a 10% raise in Developmental Disabilities Services. This spring, groups pushed unsuccessfully for a 10-percent boost to the rates paid to nonprofits and businesses who provide housing, employment and other assistance for clients with developmental and intellectual disabilities. A more modest hike approved by the Legislature was rejected by Gov. Jerry Brown, who punted the issue to the special session.
Lifehouse and others from around the state joined The Lanterman Coalition, an umbrella group for the community organizations that make up California’s developmental care system, in Sacramento urging Brown to make their cause a priority. At noon, supporters marched from the Crest Theatre to the Capitol for a rally on disability services funding.
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Voice Your Concerns About Sustainability for Developmental Disabilities Services in California
During the past ten years California’s service system has endured over 50 cost cutting changes to the Lanterman Act, elimination of services, and reductions to a rate system that was already frozen. Organizations representing the Bay Area’s developmental disabilities community have mobilized to urge the state to stop the current state of collapse of our system and to reinvest in our service system. Find out how you can help.