Living My

Best Life

Everyone has a beautiful story to share. Living My Best Life is a collection of inspirational videos featuring the individuals served by Lifehouse telling their own stories and truths as learn and grow within the community. It is our hope that viewers will be able to “meet” residents through their likes, dislikes, struggles, and triumphs presented in these profiles.

Filmed and Produced  by  Chikara Motomura

Filmed and Produced

by Chikara Motomura


Dante Mazzolini

Meet Dante- He is a kind and determined individual living on his own for five and a half years with the help of Lifehouse. At Santa Rosa Junior College, Dante worked hard and received a Technical Degree through C2C (College to Career). He now works full time as a courtesy clerk at Safeway, but hopes someday to fulfill his lifelong dream of working with animals. Dante believes that everyone should hang in there and follow their dreams.