A Season of Gratitude

Dear friends of Lifehouse,

Three hundred people with developmental disabilities call Lifehouse home. Many benefit from day services from other agencies throughout the Bay Area.

In the spirit of the holiday, we want to show our gratitude by acknowledging those agencies for the fine programs they provide to Lifehouse residents. Thank you for your collaboration in providing services to individuals with developmental disabilities in our community.

With Gratitude,

Nancy Dow Moody

President & CEO

A Yacht Club Holiday


Each year the Annual Holiday Yacht Party is hosted by the San Rafael Yacht Club, a tradition passed down by several Yacht Club members since 1982, this event is truly enjoyed by the individuals served by Lifehouse. The day starts with breakfast, then a cruise down the canal on members’ yachts. Everyone returns to the club for lunch and the highly anticipated visit from Santa and his Elf Assistant.

The relationship between the San Rafael Yacht Club and Lifehouse is one that spans over 35 years, and a community partnership that extends far beyond the holidays. Every year the Yacht Club opens its doors to support Lifehouse as a rehearsal space for the annual Great Chefs & Wineries performance. Lifehouse is grateful to the Yacht club for its continued generosity and hospitality.

Are you interested in joining Lifehouse at the Annual Holiday Yacht Party on December 8th? Please RSVP with Erin Bertulfo, erinbertulfo@lifehouseagency.org, 415.5265305.

And the Award goes to...

Last night at the Lifehouse 2018 Awards Banquet we hosted the outstanding businesses, individuals, and employees that make up the foundation of Lifehouse and our success. The room was filled with inspiration and gratitude as we celebrated these incredible honorees. We are so grateful for your support!

Major Sponsor Icon.png

A special THANK YOU to our sponsors!


A Swimming Success

On behalf of all of us at Lifehouse, Thank You for making the RCP Tiburon Mile a huge success! 

It was an honor to be chosen as this year’s benefiting charity, and given the opportunity to promote Lifehouse and the services we provide. We were able to fundraise almost $30,000, which will directly provide services to Lifehouse residents. 

We applaud all of the swimmers who braved the open water. Congratulations to elite Swimmers Ashley Twichell and Ferry Weertman for winning the female and male categories respectively. A special Thank you goes to the swimmers who represented Team Lifehouse. 


Last, but certainly not least Thank You to our sponsors. We are overwhelmed with gratitude by your generosity. 


Recycling with Sophia

Sophia Clough.png

Meet Sophia- She is new to Lifehouse and is on a mission to recycle. As a part of Sophia’s specialized day program she is collecting recycling from the Lifehouse office and houses to raise money. With the proceeds, she and her roommates at Wilson House plan to have pizza parties, dinner outings or other fun activities.

Sofia enjoys recycling every step of the way, from carrying the bags, to going to the bank to cash the checks. This program is truly fulfilling for Sophia because it allows her to be active in the community. Her mission is to encourage everyone to help the environment by recycling.

Do you live in the Lifehouse community? Sophia would like to help you recycle too! She will bring a blue container to your house, and pick up the plastic recycling every other week. Once she has processed the a good amount of recycling recycled items, she will deliver the profits back to you.

Please let Olivia Vain, ovain@lifehouseagaency.org know if you would like to participate. Thank you for helping save the earth.

Life(house) with Julia


Meet Julia- She is a part of the weekly activity based program, TRIP which supports teens from ages 13 to 22. The program is an opportunity for teens and young adults with developmental disabilities to foster physical, intellectual, and social development skills in a community based setting.  They currently have a weekly bowling meet-up on Thursday’s here in San Rafael.

It’s not hard to spot Julia in a crowd; her bright blue cap is covered in colorful anime buttons that she collects at different Anime Cons from her favorite artists. She readily admits that she is addicted to growing her collection but is very particular in choosing buttons that are true to her. 

Most of the buttons are Anime characters but some are odes to adolescent slang like “I ship it”- according to Urban Dictionary, it means: “when you imagine two people would be good in a relationship together.”   

Although she is an avid gamer girl and a millennial, Julia says that people use their cellphones too much. When she isn’t gaming, Julia likes to draw in her sketchbook that she brings just about everywhere. In the pages of her sketchbook, she has the freedom to illuminate her art around the theme of symmetry. Each shape is precisely outlined and colored in with sharpie, solely defined by the bleeds of the ink into the paper.

For more information or to inquire about activities with TRIP, please contact Mike Sus at msus@lifehouseagency.org.

Stepping it Up

As part of our mission here at Lifehouse to increase the quality of life for our residents, we aim to integrate health and wellness living skills in our programs. On June 4th, with the help of Filice Insurance as our sponsor, we launched the pilot run of a new Resident Wellness Program. Equipped with Fitbit trackers, four Lifehouse residents, Bomun, Anne, Patti and Kasie, embarked on an eight week wellness challenge. Badges could be earned every week for walking 1,000 - 10,000 steps in a day as well as walking 3,000 steps or more for multiple days in a row. Each resident sets individualized goals for themselves. Anne was determined to hit 4,000 steps a day, and Bomun was determined to increase the length of his daily hikes each week. As a whole, each of the residents were inspired to lead more well balanced and healthy lifestyles. In the end, Kasie came out victorious by logging 190,489 steps and earning 43 badges! Go Kasie!

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Life(house) with Katie

Katie Proflie.jpg

Meet Katie- She has been with Lifehouse since 2006. She started out at the Corte Madera house and has since moved to the Montecillo house in the Independent Living Service (ILS) program. She is a lover of music, art and animals.    

As a part of her goals in the ILS program, Katie volunteers one day a week at the Ben & Biscuits of Marin to stay motivated and active. Helping take care of the pups here is a great way for her to practice organizational skills and caring for her own pet. Katie’s favorite furry companion is a cat named Lily. She adopted her from the Pet Cottage in San Anselmo.

Art is a natural medium for Katie to express herself. She is constantly streaming music via Spotify to fuel her creative side when she is working on her art at San Anselmo’s Cedars Fine Art Studio. Katie has an extensive  artistic style, meticulously creating modern geometric works as well as pieces inspired by animals and nature. Her fascination for marine life often reveals itself in her paintings in the form a dolphin. Katie says the dolphin is her spirit animal and even got to swim with them once on a trip to Mexico with her family.

Supported living programs can help individuals, such as Katie, live inspired, purposeful and independent lives. Subscribe to our email list for more updates on Lifehouse residents, volunteer opportunities and how to donate.