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Mighty Expectations

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“We are all the same, regardless of our challenges because we all have them.”

– Lidia Que-Macedo, Parent

In August of 2018, after 65 years of service Lifehouse has come full circle by opening Great Expectations Inclusive Preschool. The preschool is a collaboration between Lifehouse, the Marin County Office of Education and Dominican University and is the first of its kind in Marin.

Here in a short film; filmmaker Chikara Motomura captures the young minds of Great Expectations students playing and learning together regardless of their differences. The benefits of this inclusive program can be seen through the compassion, creativity, and a healthy sense of curiosity that these young children of all abilities are developing. 

To learn more about Great Expectations Inclusive Preschool please visit .

Great Expectations



NEW Preschool in Marin County! 

Dear Lifehouse Community,

We are excited about partnering with Marin County Office of Education and Dominican University to bring the first Inclusive Preschool to Marin County. Great Expectations opens this Fall. 

Your Child's Benefits in an Inclusive Preschool

  • Increase self-esteem, maturity, confidence, autonomy and leadership skills
  • Develop more sophisticated and improved interpersonal intelligence
  • Adopt new abilities, attitude and values related to differences
  • Acquire a positive sentiment of inclusion at an early age

If you are a parent or know someone with a preschool-age child interested in enrolling in Great Expectations, please contact Kate O'Connor.

(415) 526-5307

Warmest Regards,

Nancy Dow Moody, President & CEO


A Marin County Collaborative: Lifehouse, MCOE & Dominican University

Pending License #21400544

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Let's learn and play together to foster compassion, diversity, and leadership in young children. 
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Preschool Hours

8:45AM- 12:45PM

Extended Hours 

7:30AM- 6:00PM

850 Del Ganado Road

San Rafael, CA 94903