Hiking with Team Lifehouse

The New Year is in full swing and Team Lifehouse is ready for the next big challenge- Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Well, at least virtually for now. Lifehouse employees and the people we support will track their steps and share them so that they can be added up every week and converted into miles that will “hike” the Pacific Crest Trail. To show our progress we have a big, beautiful map of the West Coast here at our office, kindly provided by Filice Insurance.

When do we start? January 14th.

Who can participate? All Lifehouse employees and all of the people we support.

What’s the PCT? The Pacific Crest Trail runs from the Mexican border all the way through California, Oregon, and Washignton to the Canadian border. It is 2,650 miles total and it’s beautiful.

How long will it take us? That depends on how many of us are participating. We will keep hiking until we reach 2,650 miles combined. It takes a single hiker about 5 months to hike the actual trail. We will keep you updated along the way.


We hope that you will follow along and support #teamlifehouse as we accomplish something amazing together!