Lifehouse Keeps Productivity On Track


Lifehouse has shown positive growth over the past six years. We now employ 290 staff who serve over 250 people with our residential, recreational, and educational programs. With the implementation of ShiftPlanning, an automated workforce management tool, we continue to improve our operations and keep our productivity on track.

The greatest advantage of having ShiftPlanning is our increase in efficiency. We now spend less time scheduling staff and more time providing training. Each individual that we serve has different needs, and we are able to better equip our support staff with the proper tools to provide appropriate services. Operations run smooth with the ability to create a completely automated schedule that can be easily accessed by managers and staff. In addition, we’ve eliminated schedule conflicts and increased communication with support staff.

Our priority is to be available to the people we serve. ShiftPlanning has allowed us to do just that. We’re excited about our progress and are eager to continue to grow and serve more individuals in our community.