Team Lifehouse Runs Napa Ragnar Relay

You already might be wondering, what is Ragnar? We’re so glad you asked! Before this year, many of us were also wondering the same thing. We’re not talking about the fearless and free-spirited 9th century Scandinavian leader. We’re talking about a 200-mile overnight relay race. This year, a team of 12 Lifehouse staff, family, and friends are gearing up to conquer this challenge. To give you a glimpse of what our team will be doing, watch this quick one-minute clip.

This year’s inaugural team will be running the Napa course, which will start in San Francisco and zig-zag it’s way through San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma, and Napa Counties. Every runner on this team has joined for different reasons, from making healthier lifestyle choices and becoming more fit to seeking adventure and challenging the body and soul. Regardless of what reason drives each person, we are all here for the common goal of supporting Lifehouse. The race alone is an experience we know that is one-of-a-kind, but to run for Lifehouse and raise awareness and funds to support the programs we believe in and the people of our community is an unsurpassed opportunity. The passion for Lifehouse is the fuel that makes each runner spend hours training to make every mile of this challenge count.

Follow us on our journey as we prepare to accomplish something amazing. Reaching the finish line is a team effort, and we want you to be with us for every step. You can support us in many ways:

  • Support an Individual Runner
    Make a donation of any amount to a specific runner on our team.
  • Sponsor a Mile
    Support a specific runner on any of their miles. Pick your lucky number. Make a donation of $50 dollars or more, and you can pick a mile that you’d like to sponsor.
  • Become a Sponsor
    Help us make this event possible by helping us with event day supplies and equipment.
  • Spread the Word
    Help us get the word out! Your help will support the team reach our Ragnar goals!

Support Team Lifehouse! Donations are accepted until November 30, 2017.