ICF Cuts MarchThroughout its history, shop Lifehouse has maintained a strong commitment to advocating for people with developmental disabilities. Staff regularly attend local community meetings where there is an opportunity to advocate to ensure that the needs of our clients are met. Administrative and management staff have often visited with legislators and attended legislative hearings to help decision makers to better understand the needs of those with developmental disabilities. Lifehouse is recognized as one of the leaders of service providers in speaking out for those we serve.

Affordable Housing
More than 20 years ago, Lifehouse pioneered the development of affordable housing for developmentally disabled adults in Marin with a 12-unit apartment complex in San Rafael. We remain committed to identifying new affordable housing opportunities for the developmentally disabled in Marin, Sonoma and San Francisco Counties. We also continue to look at opportunities for new housing developments. Lifehouse continues to advocate for more affordable housing as high costs are a key barrier to helping adults with developmental disabilities to move into their own apartments. Lifehouse staff members continue to work with West Bay Housing Corporation and the Marin Continuum of Housing and Services to address this need.

Join our efforts and make your voice heard!
Whether you a family member, friend, concerned community member or an individual with a developmental disability, your voice can be heard by joining Lifehouse in our advocacy efforts. Become a fan of Lifehouse on Facebook or subscribe to our RSS feed to receive updates on Lifehouse news and events, including information about our current advocacy efforts and how you can help.

Lifehouse President and CEO, Nancy Dow Moody, spoke with Steve Swatt on Comcast Newsmakers in October 2011 about Lifehouse and the impact of proposed California budget cuts on Intermediate Care Facilities.

On September 6, 2012, Nancy Dow Moody and Barry Benda, co-chairs for the Golden Gate Regional Center Service Provider Advisory Committee, and Jim Shorter, Executive Director of Golden Gate Regional Center, met with state legislators and other officials in Sacramento to advocate for services to those with developmental disabilities.

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