Our Services

High-Quality Support Services, Personalized For Each Individual
Lifehouse provides support services to 250 individuals who live in their own apartment or home in Marin, Sonoma and San Francisco. Our goal is to help each person become as independent as possible and a welcome, productive member of our community.

Lifehouse offers a comprehensive skills training model focused on each individual’s needs, goals and desires. Because we serve individuals with a variety of disabilities, the needs of the people we support vary, and can range from two hours each week to daily 24-hour care. At Lifehouse, each individual, regardless of the severity of his or her disability, participates in developing individual annual goals, and is served by a team of professionals.

Supported Living Program (SLP)
Individualized training and support for adults and seniors, no matter what the disability, enabling them to continue to live in their own apartment or home. Services range from a few hours weekly to 24-hour care.

Specialized Austim Services
Provides supported living services to individuals with autism living in their own homes.  This includes a team of staff and an autism specialist, who collaborate on strategies and creation of visual structures to support each individual in living a full life.

Independent Living Services (ILS)
Two licensed group homes designed to provide training and promote independence.

Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF)
Three group homes staffed to provide intensive personal care and medical support to individuals.

Individualized Day Support Services
Tailored day services provided to an individual.

Additional Services